Elevate Diamond vending machine

The Definitive Cold Drinks Vending Machine

Modern, high turnover, elevator mechanism

• 7-inch touch sensitive media/selection screen

• Shim free, split shelves for easy loading from the rear

• Easily upload images and videos by USB

• Never see an empty row withproduct connection feature

• Split pricing available

• Low maintenance cooling system

• Rock solid delivery system – No faults in 5 years

• Modern, eye-catching design

• Set up multiple combo buy deals

• Clone complete machine configuration

• Available in two sizes – M and L

The Elevate range of machines has been designed with a simple idea in mind – high turn over.

Available in two sizes: M and L. Alongside its clean lines, the Elevate features a stunning, operator friendly touch screen to increase advertising revenue and display product images whilst vending. The experience of the elevator mechanism delivering your drink has a theatrical value, encouraging repeat purchases as well as being functionally superior to non-elevator drinks machines, in that it can safely deliver glass bottles..

The Elevate delivers energy efficiency with an A++ energy rating and the ability to set power timers; allowing you to cut running costs by switching the machine off overnight or at weekends.


Can Capacity

If filling with cans only…
Elevate M: 504
Elevate: L: 648


Bottle Capacity

If filling with 500ml bottles only…
Elevate M: 315
Elevate L: 405.



Easily accessible side compartment for maintenance and configuration



Sleek and stylish with a modern finish and a high definition display



Suitable for glass and PET bottles, cans and cartons



Easy to use, configuration panel, with an immense array of options.



A mechanical arm gently retrieves goods from shelves using automatic shelf recognition

Rear loading

Sectional Shelving System

The rear loading, sectional shelving means overall easier product loading and maintaining.

The individual sections are lighter and faster to manage. And with the opportunity of rear loading, the worry of sell by dates can be a thing of the past.

Payment systems

Payment Systems

The Elevate Range supports most payment systems including Nayax and MEI models.

elevate touch


Responsive touchscreen for premium-feel customer interaction and advertisement/product images and videos.

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